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  • That Summer of Love,,,

    What’s up homies!

    Long time no talk. So much time that we have gotten some emails from a bunch of you asking about our status as a company. We truly appreciate the messages and concerns. But fret not! We are alive and kicking and very much still slinging them products around the barrio.

    So what gives? Why so quiet lately? Well… we tend to take in the summer quite seriously. We spend a shit ton of time outside playing in the sun, drinking, surfing, riding our ranflas around, tending to art/music festivals and pretty much anything that will inspire us to fill our damn heads with ideas. You see, we love hard in the summer so that we can survive the winter. That’s when we will be releasing most of our pieces from now on. Furthermore we will be reshaping La Muerta into more of an art collective/product slinging bastard hybrid of sorts. We feel a bit constrained following the release schedules of the fashion/clothing industry. Seasons feel too restrictive to what we feel we must be releasing at a certain time and space. So fuck those things and expect all sorts of projects coming out from us at all sorts of times and anywhere in the world (which reminds us, Beans & Bacon will be carrying La Muerta’s torch up in Montreal – Canada, more on that soon). True to our roots clothing will be our main focus but we will be dabbling a lot more in the surf, toy, skateboarding, music and even food realms.

    So yeah, the future looks truly exciting and we can’t wait to spread La Muerta around your barrios. Having said all of that, we will be closing down Act 02 : Al son del Hueso in the next couple of days with one dope as fuck tee. After that you should be expecting a new site and lots of collabs and pieces to go around (if you wish to be part of Act 03, please send all inquiries to

    So here’s to the summer of love and the winter of rage.

    Thanks for your time and may some cold beers find you well.


    La Clicka at La Muerta