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    Yesterday morning while doing a routine check on our SEO we came across a very disturbing and quite frankly surreal situation. We confirmed yet again that idiocy is still running rampant.

    You see, we found out that a lazy and unoriginal prick decided to steal our brand nameLA MUERTAto sling his own clothing and products. It is a blatant attempt (albeit very weak) to ride on our hard-earned reputation. This situation is borderline insane and a deliberate act of disrespect towards everybody that has been involved over the years with us; from the artists, galleries, blogs, stores, customers and all them homies we have come to know through this creative collaboration we call LA MUERTA. We are very proud of the work we have been doing, we have all poured our souls and sweat into this project and watching someone just come in and try to make a quick buck by putting out some watered down fugly attempt at Mexican / Chicano culture (do some research you lazy dumb fuck) with our name plastered all over it is infuriating. We are doing all we can to get this resolved as soon as possible.

    Sadly this is the reality of the internet, but you homies can still help us out by sharing this post / image over Facebook, twitter, instagram and any other channel you fancy; let the word spread out like a wildfire. Please report this fake brand and please do not buy any of their products. We heard that anything fake burns your nipples at first contact. That can’t feel good. Shop Original. Let this idiot catch some karma.

    Thanks for your time and may some cold beers find you well.


    La Clicka at La Muerta