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    So we asked a couple of our artists to imagine their own death. In the scenario we give them, they don’t know exactly when Lady Death will show up, but they do know she will give them just enough time to slip in a couple of thoughts…knowing that, what would they waste those precious 13 seconds thinking about? Find out what our clicka of artists had to say on the matter:

    Vol.1 – Dylan XVX | Contest Winner: Desecrate ART
    Vol.2 – Pestmeester | Contest Winner: fucdekids
    Vol.3 – Gaunty | Contest Winner: Cutty Bage
    Vol.4 – Butch the Butcher | Contest Winner: Anthony Respect
    Vol.5 – Godmachine | Contest Winner: Trockz
    Vol.6 – Monkeymouth | Contest Winner: El Mero Mero Taquero
    Vol.7 – Ien Levin | Contest Winner: Juan Ca. Maney
    Vol.8 – Mike Sandoval | Contest Winner: Michael D. McGill
    Vol.9 – Joshua Belanger | Contest Winner: Jason Cormier
    Vol.10 – Yanick Blanchet | Contest Winner: Rob G.
    Vol.10 – Osmoze | Contest Winner: Mark Olidp
    Vol.12 – Optimistic Designs | Contest Winner: Jane Roberts
    Vol.13 – Killer Napkins | Contest Winner: Whomper K. OneLAST WORDS series we will also have a weekly competition. Each comp will be judged by one of our interviewees. The winner will get 1 shirt from our current act. Read below for rules.

    Competition name: Buffalo Bob Selfie.

    Curator/Judge: Killer Napkins

    Objective: For the contest I would like people to submit the creepiest lipstick selfie. Yeah. Good luck homies.

    Competition duration: Feb. 07, 2014 to Feb. 13, 2014 – (local U.S.A. PT).
    Any entries submitted after those dates will not be considered.

    Submit your ideas here, or use hashtag #mortevol13 on twitter, fb or instagram.


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