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    Yo! We have finally settled down after a couple of hectic weeks and decided to tell you all about what’s been happening around this barrio as of late.

    First of all you homies have supported La Muerta with your mighty wallets pretty nicely lately.

    Fires us up quite a lot.

    So we have relocated the campgrounds to a new, better and more relaxed space in which not only we left our shitty post office behind but we can mellow out and take surf breaks down the road. Yeah that means we are more inspired and our new post office seems to be doing way better. Diatribe aside, this equals more releases per month and faster turnaround times on your orders.

    Second of all, and it seems this will become a thing we do yearly, we have a mini summer release coming up which will include a new hat and a couple shirts that will also be available as tank tops. Oh and for all them señoritas out there… you will get some sexy as hell options for some of these tank tops. Hello mijas!

    Third of all, we have a brand new stockist (and first one ever in our barrio). GaSco has now picked us up as one of their exclusive brands. They are a pretty slick show room / surf store located over in OB, a few blocks from the beach. Need your La Muerta fix right away? Why not drop by and pick some goods up carnalitos?

    So… thanks for your time and catching up with the clicka. Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter. You could be missing out on this, or this. That would be terrible compadres.


    La Clicka at La Muerta