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  • A ride into Twenty Thirteen,,,

    Hey carnales!
    Nice to see you on this side of 2013. Guess the much hyped apocalypse is yet on pause. We’ll take that, we got stuff to make, art to drool over and bones to pick. So it’s nice to be able to keep at it.

    So, after a lengthy end of the year break in which food, drinks and waves were much abused, we are back! And to celebrate such a thing we have released a new piece for you to spend your bones on.

    Introducing: La Santa Fiesta. A-shirt designed by the hyperactive pencil of Philip Harris. This is one ranging piece. A kitschy party for your eyeballs.

    Get your lucha libre on!

    Speaking of beating the crap out of things while wearing capes and masks, we want to thank you homies for the constant support this past year. You sure had our backs all through 2012 and made it a killer time for us.

    We can only repay you by bringing new talents into the clicka and putting out the best quality product we can.

    We are constantly attaching new upgrades to this ranfla. From our new biography + hangtag system, to smoother tracking of shipments, more freebies, website updates (faster checkout, loading times, etc.), among other fun shit holmes – yes, the infamous Clownbox will finally be released this year (we have Killer Napkins locked up putting the final touches on ’em) – but first, some caguamas para agarrar viadita.

    Alright, let’s spit-shake on that note and roll out.


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