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  • Sandy works at the post office,,,

    Hey what’s up homies!?
    Just making a quick but important announcement here on the internetz.

    As many of you already know, or found out through FB, twitter, instagram, etc…, our production schedule got thrown a huge wrench once Hurricane Sandy hit the east coast of the U.S.A. We are based in San Diego, CA, but our main printer is located over on the NYC/NJ area that got hit hard. This set us back around two weeks total but we are back on track and keeping it smooth like a good mezcalito.

    Things are shipping out and getting delivered, albeit rather slowly. This is due to the post office being overpowered by the fiestas, holidays and insane amount of packages they deliver through these last two months of the year. We wish we could hand deliver all our packages and enjoy a couple of cold beers with each of ya, but it might prove a bit difficult at this juncture, or until Scotty starts beaming shit up. That would be nice.

    So we ask you to be a bit patient and fret not.
    You WILL get your goods. We will make damn sure you do.

    In the meantime you can keep track of the pre-orders production schedule through our new and nifty Did it Ship yet Homies??? app. Ahhhh mental health restored.

    Alright yo! Let’s get back to the barrio and roll some more new gear for Act 02: “Al Son del Hueso”.


    La Clicka at La Muerta