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  • Here comes La Fiesta!

    Yep, that is correct carnales. Act 01: “Hey, Hi there… I am Lady Death” has been officially closed and the tents are coming down.

    Fret not! You can still throw some coins to the last one standing: Ringmaster (Dark Side). Don’t snooze on it. This fella is a now a disgruntled ex-employee and he is never coming back. Or will he?

    It was a killer spring and even a better summer right here in the campgrounds, but Los Muertos need their spotlight too. So spill a 40z for the retired ones and then chug that shit because Act 02 is already rollin’ this way. Rumor is that Lady Death hopped on a party bus and picked up some mariachis, luchadores and calaveras along the way, and they have been furiously heading this way while pounding those delicious mezcalitos. This is good news since winter is slowly creeping into the air and you will need to stay warm in order to keep up with your travesuras holmes… AND… We shall facilitate the tools:

    – Hoodies
    – Pullovers
    – Beanies
    – Beer (I.P.A.)
    – Skatedecks
    – And of course some new killer tshirts

    How’s that for kickstarting your winter meanderings? Not too shabby eh? Told you so.

    So what’s the theme of this new act you ask?

    Act 02: “Al Son del Hueso”

    It translates as To the Beat of the Bone. So when are these mofuckas scheduled to start La Fiesta and taking your money? Well… November it is. But what day? What time? Only the dead know.

    You hear that?
    Yessir, yes ma’am… that’s a fucking party coming into town.


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