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    What’s up!?

    Indeed. It has been a while since we updated our blog. This is always good news since it pretty much means we are holed up in production and also getting artists wasted out of their minds, getting new designs out of them while highly intoxicated. What? How else do you think we afford these sickass illos & designs? We feed them caguamas and wave our machetes at them, that’s how. Duh.

    Anyway, since last we spoke the following happened:

    – We sweet-talked our way into our first two stockists: Team Hell up in the U.K. and Kardamomo down in South America.

    – Also picked two dope as fuck projects to give out our Tee Madness 2012 loot to. Winners were The Red Claw comic book series by Joshua Belanger and the Playful Gorilla studios by Mr. Rivera. Check these homies out. We highly recommend them.

    – We dropped the Baller tank by Johnny Crap (1 of 3 parts to our mini-summer 2012 release which includes another tank and our first lid to protect your melons… yes, a hat, good sirs and ma’ams.)

    – And last but not least… we read you loud and clear and finally gave into a FINAL re-issue of the Ringmaster by Johnny Crap. This time around it is available in two colors for increased pleasure to your torsos (white and heather grey). Om nom nom.

    P.S. Don’t wait for our random ramblings on this blog to get all the info on the upcoming (mini-summer 2012) drops. Jump on the newsletter here and get some discounts as an added bonus.

    Aight! Back to the ranflas, campgrounds and coolers.


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