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    Yo! So what’s the art clicka here been up to? Ahhh…

    This past week La Muerta entered the Tee Madness 2012 contest. This brawl featured 64 of the best up-and-coming independent brands across the globe. With your tremendous support you brought us all the way to the finals but we perished to an 8-Bit Zombie attack. We went down swinging with our vicious machetes and rabid revolvers,

    but at the end of the day, the beer and the ladies were too distracting — and 11 votes short, we grabbed the 2nd place. We say it was a damn fine showing and a big stepping stone for our carnival. You put us on da map!

    As a thank you for burning your social media feeds to the ground, we are giving back our prizes to you, the fans and artists that supported us. Specifically we will look for 10 up-and-coming artists or projects that need a little boost in stickers and buttons, and then let you vote (on our FB) for the 3 best ones. So if you have/know a killer artist/project that needs a pick me up, email us a link to the machinery (music, shirts, toys, books anything that deserves our attention goes!). We will take submissions for ONE week only (Apr 02 – 06) and then upload the 10 ones that we deem worthy for a vote over on Facebook. So hit us up holmes! Do it!

    Also happening…

    – We are having a one week 25% thank you sale on our online store. Use code ELMACHETE on checkout. We have very limited amounts left on all products so don’t sleep on this one!

    – Check our new social media face -> “La Clicka” crest designed by Fred Caron. Boom!

    – Keep an eye out for 2 new t-shirts, a slick embroidered patch and a new limited edition resin figure dropping very, very soon. You might want to keep tabs on these releases by subscribing to our newsletter here.

    Load the taco trucks and coolers, here we go!


    La Clicka at La Muerta