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    What’s up homies!?

    First of all we want to address some of the mailing issues we had at the beginning of the year. Apparently the post office that services us decided to downsize and they became a bit of a mess over there. This caused some packages to get quite a delay, we apologize for that.

    All issues, according to the post office staff, should be taken care of in the next couple of days. Which is good news! Keep those inboxes clean ’cause we will dirty them up with speedy deliveries once again! \m/(><)\m/

    Now on to the really good stuff. Here are the current stories at our campgrounds:

    1. We recently expanded the carnival to the U.K. and sealed a deal with Team Hell. So by the end of February you will be able to pick up La Muerta gear at their shop (offline and online). Make sure to give them mates a ring or pay a visit. Bring ’em some beer, get a good deal.

    2. We threw Killer Napkins and motorbot together in our dirtiest wagon (yet again) to produce a brand new resin figure which we call “The Clown Box”. This thing is looking gnarly! Here, take a look at the sketches and the early sculpting stage. We will be tickling your fancy with a mini series of time-lapse videos of the whole process. You thought we wouldn’t film those two freaks at work? You, silly.

    3. This month has been quite the busy one on releases and cracking your wallets, we fit 3 new shirts in this time around, make sure you don’t miss out on them (very few items left):

    The Reliquary by motorbot and hydro74

    The Sheriff by wotto

    The Prospectors by Butch the Butcher (includes a 5’x7′ silkscreened print)

    Ooofff! I think that covers most of it at the moment, yep. Gotta go, it’s beer ‘o clock.


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